Jeremy W.

This was my second try at finding a dentist in/around Palmyra. I lived in York for 63 years and have been up here for four years. My first attempt was disastrous. (I tried my kid’s dentist; take from that what you will.) This time I did some research, and could find nothing but glowing reviews of CDG, and was convinced to roll the dice on them. It was a wise decision. They are every bit as pleasant, patient, professional and thorough as the reviews I had read led me to believe that they would be. Due to Covid-19, I was forced to reschedule my May appointment with my York dentist, so it had been 10 months since my last cleaning and exam. Needless to say, both were more of a challenge than they might have been. As a new patient, CDG dotted the “I’s” and crossed the “T’s” so well that my appointment ran nearly 25 minutes past closing time, and no one batted an eye. These folks work well as a team, and genuinely seem to enjoy what they do. This provides an appreciated calming atmosphere.