Maher Mouth Guard

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Mitigate & Prevent Concussions

Crosstown Dental cares for athletes from the high school level to the pros! Our dental professionals have been certified to offer the Maher Mouth Guard.  The Maher Mouth Guard is used by athletes as a concussion mitigation mouth guard. It was invented and patented by Tufts-eduated dentist, Gerald J. Maher, DMD, FAHND. Dr. Maher currently holds the ONLY patent on concussion-mitigating mouth guards.

Benefits of the Maher Mouth Guard

  • Increases the athlete’s strength – by having your mouth open a bit, it allows more air into the body, more air is more oxygen in the blood and to the brain, and thus increases workout strength
  • Maher Level II Mouth Guard (the upper, approved for high school play) mitigates concussions up to 85%
  • Maher Level III Mouth Guard (the lower) mitigates concussions up to 95%

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