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A Brighter & Cleaner Smile

Dental Cleanings typically take place during the same visits as dental exams. Dental cleanings are preventative services which include cleaning and polishing the teeth.

Plaque is essentially a colony of bacteria, food debris and salvia.  It creates a sticky film that coats teeth. When there is a plaque buildup, the plaque is removed during the cleaning.  Plaque can cause a number of dental health issues such as cavities, gingivitis and bad breath.  Left untreated, dental plaque eventually leads to tartar. Therefore, it is important to remove it.

Tartar, or dental calculus, is a yellow discoloration on teeth that causes bad breath.   It can be difficult to remove tartar, and regular cleanings aide in keeping tartar at bay. Tartar does not have to be a permanent condition.

Tips for better Tartar Control:

  • Regular home dental care helps prevent a buildup of plaque or tartar
  • Gently brush teeth at least twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Brush before bedtime
  • Use floss daily to help fight buildup
  • Visit your dentist every six months for routine checkups and cleanings
  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Be a non-smoker
  • Stay away from foods that stain the teeth
  • Use a mouthwash that controls tartar daily
  • Always brush before bed