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Repair & Protect

A filling is needed when a tooth has decay. A filling  restores a damaged tooth back to its normal function and prevents further decay by sealing the opening. Composite fillings give patients the option for a strong durable tooth colored material to repair a tooth affected by decay or fractures.  They are made from a mixtures of plastic and fine glass particles to match the natural tooth color. Composites are most often used on the visible parts of the teeth because they are more cosmetically appealing than traditional amalgam fillings which are silver in color.

Our team at Crosstown Dental of Palmyra will create the perfect shade to match your beautiful smile.

Composite fillings can be done in just one appointment. We will prepare the tooth by cleaning and removing decay. Then your dental team will fill the tooth, creating a natural looking seal.  In addition, you can chew on composite fillings the same day as treatment.