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What does ‘Fee-for-Service Dentist’ mean and how does it work?

When patients hear that we are a ‘Fee-for-Service’ dental practice, it often raises a lot of questions.  ‘Does that mean you only take cash?’  ‘Does that mean that you won’t accept my insurance?’  ‘Can I still come to you as a patient if I have insurance?’  ‘Why don’t you participate with my insurance?’

The vast majority of patients can still get the care they want (and deserve) at a Fee-for-Service dentist; and they still may be able to use their insurance.  Even if a dental practice doesn’t participate with an insurance company, that office can still submit the claim to the insurance company as out-of-network.  In this scenario, the insurance company will typically reimburse you, the patient, for some or all of the fees you paid.

So why would a dentist choose to be out-of-network?  Our dentists choose to work outside the insurance networks in order to control the pricing and care they offer to you and not be concerned with treatments that may be dictated by an insurer versus what he or she determines the correct treatment plan is for you.

We feel that operating outside of insurance participation allows our dentists to utilize the highest quality materials, products, and laboratories rather than having to potentially use lower quality options in order to meet cost restrictions. As a result, we feel that our patients will be able to receive premier care that is not restricted by an insurance carrier’s contract or metrics.

Collecting Payment

Generally, our office will request payment for the services provided that day in full.  We would then submit the claim for you to your insurance carrier (if applicable) in order for you to be reimbursed directly by your insurance carrier.  This process also helps ensure that the claims are submitted correctly for you and that you receive your reimbursement check as quickly as possible.

We feel that being a Fee-for-Service dental office enables us to freely provide the highest quality care for you and your family without the encumberment of insurance company reimbursement restrictions.  Fair pricing allows us as your dental health provider to select the best procedures and products for you rather than selecting from only options that are fully covered by your insurance.